Get ready for ETS Shipping MRV by Aug 2017: 

One Monitoring Plan per ship

Prepare for Shipping MRV's first milestone - the Monitoring Plan - ahead of time.
By August 2017 one Monitoring Plan per ship has to be created and provided to a verifier for assessment.
The verifier will assess the conformity of the monitoring plan with the requirements laid down in Articles 6 and 7 of the Shipping MRV regulation.

Pre-Assessment of Gaps

MRV Ready - is an offering that will prepare shipping companies and ship owners to meet the fist upcoming deadline of August 31st in 2017.
We will assess the existing data collection procedures and implemented systems against the requirements of the Shipping MRV Regulation to identify any potential issues for non-compliance.
We will also explain how to best fulfil the forthcoming monitoring and reporting obligations for ship or the fleet as well as shore systems and routines.
We also review the voyage records, fuel and cargo data and the process of how the data travels from ship to ETS report.
As a result of the assessment the shipping company will learn if its current data collection procedures contains sufficient details for the implementation of the allowed fuel consumption monitoring methods.
Verified annual emission reports must be submitted for the first time in April 2019, covering the emissions from voayages in the year 2018. 

Creation of Monitoring Plans

We are offering to develop the mandated monitoring plan and suggest the best method how to collect, aggregate and report fuel consumption and performance data.
Monitoring Plans that we have not created can be provided to us for legal verification.

New Partnership with Bureau Veritas

In order to provide the best support for shipping companies, we have signed a cooperation agreement with Bureau Veritas and its subsidiary Tecnitas Central Europe
Our joint MRV Ready offer will help shipping companies to navigate the requirements of the regulation swiftly and achieve compliance prior to the regulation comes into force.


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